He had placed that remarkable line in a niche in the wall for safekeeping, intending to tell his son about it.

But now he changed his mind once more.


He tore up even that line.

Suppose all the wisdom of the world were reduced to just one line—suppose that one line were to be written today and given to you. With it you could understand the basis of all life and endeavor: love, politics, war, friendship, criminality, insanity, history, business, religion, kings, cats, society, art, mythology, your children, communism, bankers, sailors, tigers, and other matters without end.

More—suppose this one line could tell you all about yourself, could solve all your problems, quiet your restlessness.

If all the wisdom of the world could be compressed into a single line, certainly it would do all these things and more. There is one line, conjured up out of a morass of facts and made available as an integrated unit to explain such things. This line is the philosophy of philosophy, thereby carrying the entire subject back into the simple and humble truth.

All life is directed by one command and one command only—SURVIVE!


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