Scientology Fundamentals by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 2/6)

hat is Scientology?

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.

The term Scientology is taken from the Latin word scio (knowing in the fullest sense of the word) and the Greek word logos (study of). In itself the word means literally knowing how to know.

     Scientology is further defined as the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life.

     Any comparison between Scientology and the subject known as psychology is nonsense. Early psychology such as that begun by St. Thomas Aquinas and extended by many later authors was, in 1879, interrupted severely by one Professor Wundt, a Marxist at Leipzig University in Germany. This man conceived that man was an animal without soul and based all of his work on the principle that there was no psyche (a Greek word meaning spirit). Psychology, the study of the spirit (or mind) then came into the peculiar position of being “a study of the spirit which denied the spirit.” For the subsequent decades, Wundtian “psychology” was taught broadly throughout the world. It taught that man was an animal. It taught that man could not be bettered. It taught that intelligence never changed. This subject, Wundtian psychology, became standard, mainly because of the indifference or lack of knowledge of people in charge of universities.


     Scientology can and does change behavior and intelligence, and it can and does assist people to study life. Unlike Wundtian pseudopsychology, it has no political aspiration. Scientology is not teaching dialectical materialism under the heading of “psychology.”

     Scientology is a route, a way, rather than a dissertation or an assertive body of knowledge.

     Through its drills and studies one may find the truth for oneself. It is the only thing that can show you who you really are.

     The technology is therefore not expounded as something to believe but something to do.

     The end result of Scientology studies and drills is a renewed awareness of self as a spiritual and immortal being.

     Only those who believe, as do psychiatrists and psychologists, that man is a soulless animal or who wish for their own reasons to keep man unhappy and oppressed are in any conflict with Scientology.

     Scientology, used by the trained and untrained person, improves the health, intelligence, ability, behavior, skill and appearance of people.

     It is a precise and exact science, designed for an age of exact sciences.

     It is employed by an auditor upon individuals or small or large groups of people in their presence. The auditor makes these people, at their choice, do various exercises, and these exercises bring about changes for the better in intelligence, behavior and general competence.

      Scientology is employed as well by business and government persons to solve problems and to establish better organization.

     It is also employed by the average person to bring better order into life.

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