Scientology Fundamentals by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 2/6)

How Is Scientology Used?
     Scientology is employed by an auditor as a set of drills upon the individual, and small or large groups. It is also employed as an educational subject. It has been found that persons can be processed in Scientology with Scientology exercises and can be freed from their major anxieties and can become brighter, more alert and more competent. But if they are only processed they have a tendency to be overwhelmed or startled, and although they may be brighter and more competent they are still held down by an ignorance of life. Therefore it is far better to teach and process a person than only to process him. In other words, the best use of Scientology is through processing and education in Scientology. In this way there is no imbalance. It is interesting that people only need to study Scientology to have some small rise in their own intelligence, behavior and competence. The study itself is therapeutic by actual testing.

     It is also used by business and government leaders to establish or improve organization.

     It is used as well by the individual at home or at his work to make a better life.

Is Scientology Valid?
     Tens of thousands of case histories, all sworn to, are in the possession of the organizations of Scientology. No other subjects on Earth except physics and chemistry have had such grueling testing. Scientology in the hands of an expert can restore man’s ability to handle any and all of his problems. Scientology is used by some of the largest companies on Earth. It is valid. It has been tested. It is the only thoroughly tested system of improving human relations, intelligence and character, and is the only one which does.

Basic Principles
What Pleople Say Scientology Has Done For Them      Like engineering, Scientology has certain basic principles. These are necessary to a full understanding of the subject. It is not enough to know how to process people in Scientology. To be effective one must also know the basic principles. Scientology is very exact. The humanities of the past were full of opinions. Scientology is full of facts that work.

     To study Scientology one should scan quickly through the basics and find something with which one can agree. Having found one thing with which he can agree, one should then skim through again and find another fact. One should continue to do this until he feels some friendliness to the subject. When one has achieved this, and only when one has achieved this, he should then study all the basic principles. There is no effort here to be authoritarian. No one will try to make the subject difficult.

     You may have been taught that the mind is a very difficult thing to know about. This is the first principle of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life.

The Parts Of Man

     The individual man is divisible into three parts.

     The first of these is the spirit, called in Scientology the Thetan.

     The second of these parts is the Mind.

     The third of these parts is the Body.

Mind, Thetan, Body      Probably the greatest discovery of Scientology and its most forceful contribution to the knowledge of mankind has been the isolation, description and handling of the human spirit, accomplished in July 1952 in Phoenix, Arizona. I established along scientific rather than religious or humanitarian lines that that thing which is the person, the personality, is separable from the body and the mind at will and without causing bodily death or mental derangement.

In ages past there has been considerable controversy concerning the human spirit or soul, and various attempts to control man have been effective in view of his almost complete ignorance of his own identity. Latterly, spiritualists isolated from the person what they called the astral body, and with this they were able to work for various purposes of their own. In Scientology, the spirit itself was separated from what the spiritualists called the astral body and there should be no confusion between these two things. As you know that you are where you are at this moment, so you would know if you, a spirit, were detached from your mind and body. Man had not discovered this before because, lacking the technologies of Scientology, he had very little reality upon his detachment from his mind and body; therefore, he conceived himself to be at least in part a mind and a body. The entire cult of communism is based upon the fact that one lives only one life, that there is no hereafter and that the individual has no religious significance. Man at large has been close to this state for at least the last century. The state is of a very low order, excluding as it does all self-recognition.

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